Los Toros Azua, Dominican Republic - St. Joseph Grafton, Wisconsin USA
Los Toros January 2016 Mission Trip Report
During the January Mission Trip to Los Toros we accomplished many important tasks in our team work with the people of Los Toros. With gratitude for your generosity, we are happy to share this report with you. We also share with you the Joy of the Gospel as we have experienced it while working with our brothers and sisters in faith in Los Toros.
New Beginnings in Los Toros
While in Los Toros during the first two weeks of January, I experienced the true openness of Our Lord to all while attending Sunday Mass. It was a very special day in many ways. 

Michael Younger and a group of young adults had just completed stabilizing all the pews in church and a fresh coat of paint had been administered by spray gun. This required carrying each pew out of church to the street for its new finish and back in again. New tile on the sanctuary back wall replaced the old cracked tiles that had served for many years. The church interior was experiencing a new awakening.  
This was also a new beginning for a family: a mother along with her two daughters and infant son were all received into the Church community
through the sacrament of Baptism. Even the family dog was in attendance! The Baptismal font was a large plastic bowl and the holy water was poured from a plastic pitcher, but the significance of the ceremony remained the same as if it had occurred in the beautiful Baptistery of our own St. Joseph’s Church. Granite fonts, urns of Holy Oil and fluffy bath towels are not the sacrament. The sacrament is the commitment of each participant to the Catholic Faith no matter how simple or how splendid the ceremony. 
Being in Los Toros has a way of centering a person – it simplifies life and helps you focus on what is truly important - living our lives expressing Our Lord’s love for all. 
                                    The Hands of Christ - - - Open to All! 

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Want to help with the mission? Our committees here could use your time and talent. Contact Judy at rwendtlandt@wi.rr.com for ideas on how you could be of service. Dios los bendiga! God bless you! 
- Judy Wendtlandt, Beca Committee chair, and January 2016 Mission Trip leader