Los Toros Azua, Dominican Republic - St. Joseph Grafton, Wisconsin USA
Mission Statement

“To live the Gospel by sharing our spiritual, cultural, and material resources in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Los Toros, empowering them to enhance their education, health, community development and spiritual growth".
Los Toros Mission
Young Adult and Adult Mission 2018
Donations for YAME 2018 -- March 10 to 24 
It’s that time of year where we start collecting items for the mission trip in May. This year we will be collecting items from
March 10th to March 24th.  
Below is a list of the items we would like to take to Los Toros on this trip. Also, see the sign up genius link below. All donations can be put in the bins in the coat room at church.  

  • Adult Toothpaste (50) 
  • Large bath towels (50) 
  • Small kitchen towels (50) 
  • Small travel shampoos (100) 
  • Small travel soap (100) 
  • Small kleenex packs (50) 
  • Large shampoos (10) 
  • Large soap bars (100) 
  • Gifts for Mother's Day  
  • Sheet Sets (Twin) (10)  
  • Kitchen spoons other small kitchen Items (50) 
  • Women's deodorant (150)
  • Men's deodorant (150) 
  • Small kids' toys (balls, cars, jump ropes, etc.) (250) 
  • Monetary donations: $2,500 will cover repairing a house. $700 for a floor and roof. $175 for a cement floor. Any amount is welcome as it all adds up! 
  • To make a donation click:

For more information check the YAME Los Toros Mission Facebook page or email Cathy at cathymateozayas@gmail.com.  

Thank you all for your generosity over the years! You make this mission possible!
Health Care is a Major Need in Los Toros
Healthcare is a basic human need. Some see it as a human right. A major illness can strike without warning and can be a major crisis for everyone.  
For people in remote towns in poor nations, like Los Toros, medical resources are very limited even for basic care. But when cancer or cardiac care is needed, it involves travel to a larger city, or even the capital, and the expense can be completely out of reach.  
In Los Toros there are a number of people who are praying for donors who will help them get the medical care they badly need.  
  • Raphael Arias de Leon is a young man of 22 years who has a serious heart condition.  
  • Maria Altagracia is a woman in her 50’s who needs a pacemaker. 
  • Andres Agramonte Mendez is a young man in need of chemotherapy. 
  • Clara Luz is an older woman in her 50’s who has cancer. 
  • Gloria de la Guirino is a young woman who needs eye surgery 
  • Yohanna Geronimo Mendez -- age 25 with a 2 month old child and another on the way -- was diagnosed with cancer, but sadly, was not able to get the treatment she needed in time.  
Have you been blessed with the resources to help? Would you consider becoming a donor of life saving care for one of these? Would you like more information?  
Please contact Michael Weber, Los Toros Foundation President, who has frequent contact with the people in Los Toros and he can provide you with the information you would like.  
Contact Mike at mjwbruno@yahoo.com, or phone 414-803-3707, or WhatsApp, or Facebook (Miguel Weber). 
God bless you for your generosity.
Interviews on Skype Help 9 Los Toros Beca Students Push Ahead to Graduation
Each year members of the Los Toros Mission Beca Committee at St. Joseph’s Parish interview each Beca scholarship student to review their progress and identify where they made need assistance or guidance to sharpen their focus for successful completion of their degree programs. This year, since it was not possible for us to make a trip to Los Toros in January, the face to face interactive interviews were done via Skype. Beca student contracts expire each December 31st. The Skype interviews assist the Beca Committees in Los Toros and at St. Joseph’s in their joint decision about whether to extend the scholarship contracts for the next year. The students were very open in discussing their progress and concerns and were very happy for the opportunity to “see” the faces of the evaluators from 2,100 miles away.  

There are nine Beca students who anticipate completing their degree programs this year. Graduation will depend upon whether they can register for and pass their remaining required classes. There are five who will receive teaching certificates in languages, natural science or math/physics. There are two mothers, each with three children who are completing their education while raising a family, one who will be a school psychologist and the other a bio-analyst. A young man, who struggled after a serious leg fracture in a motorcycle accident, will receive a degree in IT after he convinced some of his instructors to permit him to take his classes remotely by internet so as not to fall behind in his studies while recovering.  

Our scholarship students express their extreme gratitude and appreciation for these opportunities that, without our help, would not exist for them. Through your regular contributions to the Los Toros Beca program, you have made all the above possible and continue to do so for all our Beca students. Thank you for your generosity.  

The Los Toros Mission Beca Committee  

A Letter of Thanks from Los Toros
January 4, 2018 

To our brothers and sisters at Saint Joseph in Grafton and all who share in the Los Toros Mission: 

We send you wishes for happiness and peace in this New Year for you and your family members on behalf of the Los Toros Foundation and its different committees and the entire community in Los Toros. May this year 2018 will be very fruitful as was 2017!  
This past year your generosity enabled us help more than 250 people with special case of needs through our Saint Vincent de Paul group, to help more than 100 women with prenatal care in Sajanoa and in Los Toros, more than 31 families with cement floors large and small, to help more than more than 50 families with other home improvements including two complete homes and another home 80% completed.  

Your generosity also gave us the means to maintain the mission house and the library in very good condition and also to complete needed repairs at the San Jose student house for 12 students to study at the university in Santo Domingo. You also helped more than 50 Los Toros students who commute to San Juan for studies and provided for a rented house for students to stay overnight when classes and bus schedules do not permit them to return home for the night. Your assistance helps the students at the Cristo Rey student house and assists students working on presenting their theses (called “monograficos”) for the completion of their degrees.  

Thank you for your great work since without you we could not carry out all the aforementioned. May the Lord continue blessing you all more and more each day.  


The Executive Committee in Los Toros 
Olga, Bladimir, Mercedes, Edania, Rosa, Ignacio and Mirella  

YAME Mission dates announced for 2018!
May 22nd - June 5th  
GREAT NEWS! Reserve your spot today on the next Mission Trip! 
Are you interested in going to Los Toros? The dates for the next Young Adult and Adult Mission trip (YAME) have been set. We will be traveling to Los Toros on Tuesday May 22nd 2018 and Returning on Tuesday June 5th 2018! Can’t stay that long? You have the option to return early, if you need to.   
Our focus for this trip will be on the dental program, laying cement floors in homes, English classes and continuing to build our relationship of friendship and support as sister parishes. We will conclude the trip with a day of fun at the beach and sightseeing in the capital city.  
To learn more or to reserve your spot today, contact Cathy Mateo Zayas at cathymateozayas@gmail.com or 262-720-1884
Those under the age of 18 who would like to attend this awesome mission trip are welcome when accompanied by a parent. 
Here is a picture of last year’s group gathered in the church in Los Toros.

Los Toros Mission Council meetings are open to all who are interested. Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm.
Cleanup Day at the Library for the Youth in Los Toros
To show pride in their village and their appreciation and gratitude, a group of young people in Los Toros spent a day cleaning up the area around the library. The library was built through the generosity and collaboration of members of St. Joseph Parish.  

Recently the library has received some needed repairs and upgrades. During the Mission Trip last May, new exterior lights were installed. More recently tree branches had to be trimmed so falling leaves won’t clog the gutters and create leaks and mildew problems. Ways to improve ventilation inside the library are now being reviewed. Several of the computers have become obsolete and need to be replaced.  

 The library will soon offer computer and internet classes five evenings a week. Some of the students and graduates of the” Beca” scholarship program will be teaching those classes.